How do ISO Standards Benefit Society

Have you ever wondered what standards are for? What is their use? Why are they so important to consumer safety?

Well, if you actually observe your surroundings, everything we use – from our mobile devices to our kitchen appliances – has been tested and undergone thorough inspection. There are certain standards that the products we buy and the services we avail of must abide by.

Each standard is interconnected to one another. The quality of the products ensures its safety and vice versa. The safety and quality of a product will give consumers the confidence not to worry about their welfare when buying or availing of products or services.

However, what are ISO standards even? Moreover, how do these standards benefit society?

If you find yourself asking these questions, read more on this article to know the benefits of ISO standards provide and contribute to society.

Consumer Benefits

First and foremost, the welfare of consumers is one of the organization’s priorities. The International Organization for Standardization ensures that consumers are safe with the products that have undergone their standardization and that they can entrust the businesses and sectors that use and adhere to the ISO:

  • Consumers are confident that they are safe with the products they buy that have been marked with the ISO logo. This is because the product has been reviewed and tested for its quality and safety, thereby reducing any risks for any type of hazard.
  • Consumers are prioritized upon the manufacture and development of International Standards which pursue to be as inclusive as possible.

Business Benefits

Just like consumer benefits, ISO standards are beneficial to businesses as well. Consumers are safe, and thereby, businesses will prosper as well.

  • Improvement and identification of potential problems and risks cut off any unnecessary wastes and costs. This is because a good quality management system is promoted which focuses upon preventive measures.
  • Consumers are satisfied with the quality of the products as well as their safety.
  • Environmental risks are significantly reduced, thereby creating more consciousness upon the environmental impact of consumer products.

Government and Economic Benefits

The benefits of each ISO standard are related to one another as one small risk can fatally affect the whole product. The government and economic benefits from the ISO standards are due to their business and consumer benefits as well. Here are some of them:

Government authorities can entrust the excellence of ISO standard committees with the regulatory framework of their specific areas.

With one set of standards being followed, the trade of goods, services, and any other logistical technologies will no longer have any problem with inconsistency and incompatibility which will pave the way for easier trading. This will thereby create a more inclusive global market.

The ISO standards have been observed to help promote the economy. As have been studied in the United Kingdom, an $8.2 billion helped upon contributing to the annual growth in their Gross Domestic Product or GDP. Meanwhile, in Canada, the growth has steadily inclined to be around $91 billion since 1981.