Do weight loss pills really work?

In the weight loss wake, there does not exist a shortage of drinks, pills, and supplements that claim to make the weight fall off. But, do they help? Are they safe for you? The right weight loss pills may have contents of one or more ingredients that have the intention of decreasing appetite, increasing fat burning, and reducing fat absorption. Not all weight loss supplements and pills have an equal creation. Particular pills may result in unpleasant side effects while others may not cause weight loss.

Not all these supplements and pills are equally created. Particular pills may result in unpleasant side effects and others do not have proof of weight loss results. Whether you’re a local pharmacy in palm beach, a compounding pharmacy Richmond, or a local pharmacy in Palm Harbor, we can help.

  • Fat trappers

Fat trapping products usually have chitosan contents. They come from powdered shrimps shells, shellfish, and crabs. Supposedly, it binds to the fat in the food eaten, keeping it from digestion. While evidence exists of preventing the absorption dietary fats, the effects may be minute for you to notice them. Several studies show that people consuming calorie-restricted diets lose more weight when taking chitosan.

The danger with chitosan is that it gets in the way of the body to absorb nutrients that are fat-soluble. They include Vitamin D, vitamin A, and disease-fighting phytochemicals present in vegetables and fruits. Regardless of the claims of manufacturers, it is not good to consume this product for more than three